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Practice #2
Prepositions: by and until

Insert by or until to complete the sentences below.

1.  I didn't know about the new system _____ today. I just got an email message about it.

2. If the applicants don't get their documentation in _____ the close of business today, we won't
    accept their applications.

3. All of the guests had left _____ midnight.

4. Most people didn't leave _____ 11:30.

5. We don't want to make a decision about the fall schedule _____ we find out when the local
    schools start.

6. We should know about that ______ the end of the week.

7. I'm very lazy. I don't get to the office _____ about 10:30 each morning.

8. My coworkers are all there _____ 8:30 and sometimes I'm embarrassed by that.

9. I make up for my lateness by staying at the office _____ around 8 or 9 p.m.

10. I always get home _____ 9:30 so that I can have dinner with my wife.

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